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Find Pet Gifs and bring your pet home a brand new pet toy! Bring My Pet is the pet-friendly lodging website that helps pet owners have more fun with their pets. We found cat toys, dog toys, and low prices on pet meds, pet foods and more. We will help locate dog friendly and cat friendly lodging anywhere. Our recommended US pet friendly inns, pet friendly hotel suites, dog friendly inns and dog friendly vacation rental lodging properties not only accept pets – they love pets, and welcome pet travelers and pets like only a true pet lover can.

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US Pet Friendly Lodging, Bring Your Pet along on vacation or business travelWe found great pet friendly lodging, dog-friendly hotel suites, pet friendly inns and vacation deals from local inns and major hotel chains like Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Hampton Inn & Suites, Best Western Plus, Doubletree, Westin, Holiday Inn and others. Dog-Friendly Hotel SuitesFrom unique boutique dog-friendly hotels to pet friendly B&Bs and lodges.

Consider a pet-friendly New Hampshire vacation. The choices will amaze you. With pet-friendly lodging specials in all 50 US states and worldwide pets accepted vacation resorts and suite hotels, there is no reason to leave your pet behind.

Another pet-friendly vacation destination in New England is Vermont. The historic Middlebury Inn and Stowe area Sunset Motor Inn are both Vermont Pet-Friendly lodging favorites.

When it’s time to travel, bring your pet! Explore all of our suggested US pet friendly lodging accommodations by state. Thank you for bookmarking Bring My Pet. Please share this pet-friendly travel resource with your friends that own pets.

Featured US PET FRIENDLY Lodging

Cabot Inn and Suites Lancaster NH Pet Friendly Rooms

Best Western - Pet Friendly
Middlebury VT Pet Friendly Rooms
Jay Peak VT Pet Friendly Lodging
NH Pet Friendly Inn Lodging
NH Lakes Region Pet Friendly Lodging
Cavendish Pointe Hotel Okemo VT
Marco Island FL Pet Friendly Lodging
newengland pet friendly lodging

Shore Acres Inn and Restaurant - North Hero, Vermont
Shop 24/7 Free World Mall

Do’s and Don’ts of Pet Travel:


  1. Research pet-friendly accommodations, airlines, and transportation options before your trip.
  2. Ensure your pet has proper identification, including a collar with a tag that includes your contact information.
  3. Schedule a visit to the veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy and up to date on vaccinations.
  4. Pack essential items for your pet, including food, water, medications, bedding, toys, and any necessary grooming supplies.
  5. Use a secure and well-ventilated pet carrier that meets airline or transportation regulations.
  6. Allow your pet to get familiar with the carrier or crate before the trip by gradually introducing them to it.
  7. Bring necessary documentation, such as health certificates, vaccination records, and any required permits or licenses.
  8. Plan regular breaks during long journeys to give your pet a chance to stretch, exercise, and relieve themselves.
  9. Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier while in public places to ensure their safety and the comfort of others.
  10. Maintain a consistent feeding and exercise routine while traveling to minimize stress.


  1. Don’t leave your pet unattended in a vehicle, as temperatures can rise quickly and pose a serious threat to their health.
  2. Don’t feed your pet a large meal right before traveling to avoid potential motion sickness or digestive issues.
  3. Don’t forget to check if your destination has any breed-specific regulations or restrictions.
  4. Don’t assume all accommodations or airlines are pet-friendly; always double-check their policies in advance.
  5. Don’t force your pet into an uncomfortable or restrictive carrier or crate.
  6. Don’t forget to research local veterinary clinics or emergency pet care options at your destination.
  7. Don’t overlook the importance of regular bathroom breaks for your pet during travel.
  8. Don’t allow your pet to roam freely in unfamiliar environments without supervision.
  9. Don’t forget to update your contact information on your pet’s identification tags if necessary.
  10. Don’t neglect to provide your pet with mental and physical stimulation during the trip to prevent boredom and anxiety.

Pet Travel Tips:

  1. Start preparing your pet for travel well in advance by gradually acclimating them to their carrier or crate.
  2. Introduce your pet to shorter trips in the car or on public transportation to help them get used to the travel experience.
  3. Bring familiar items from home, such as their favorite toy or blanket, to provide a sense of comfort.
  4. Use calming aids, such as pheromone sprays or natural supplements, if your pet tends to experience anxiety during travel.
  5. Research pet-friendly attractions and activities at your destination to include them in your itinerary.
  6. Pack a pet first-aid kit with essential supplies in case of any minor injuries or health issues.
  7. Make sure your pet is wearing a secure and up-to-date identification tag with your contact information.
  8. Check the weather forecast for your destination to ensure your pet is adequately prepared for the conditions.
  9. Consider microchipping your pet before travel as an additional safety measure.
  10. Be patient and understanding with your pet during the journey, as travel can be stressful for them too.

Favorite US Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations:

  1. Asheville, North Carolina: Known for its beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and pet-friendly breweries and restaurants.
  2. Austin, Texas: Offers numerous pet-friendly parks, outdoor activities, and pet-friendly hotels.
  3. Sedona, Arizona: Features stunning red rock landscapes, pet-friendly hiking trails, and pet-friendly accommodations.
  4. Portland, Oregon: Known for its pet-friendly culture, with many parks, trails, and even pet-friendly stores and breweries.
  5. Key West, Florida: Offers pet-friendly beaches, outdoor dining options, and pet-friendly water activities.
  6. San Diego, California: Boasts numerous dog-friendly beaches, parks, and outdoor attractions.
  7. Bar Harbor, Maine: Provides pet-friendly hiking trails and outdoor activities, as well as pet-friendly accommodations.
  8. Charleston, South Carolina: Features pet-friendly historic sites, parks, and scenic walking areas.
  9. Seattle, Washington: Offers pet-friendly parks, outdoor markets, and pet-friendly hotels and restaurants.
  10. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Known for its pet-friendly art galleries, outdoor activities, and pet-friendly accommodations.

Bringing Your Pet on Business or Vacation Travel:

  1. Check with your accommodation in advance to ensure they allow pets and inquire about any specific requirements or restrictions.
  2. Plan your itinerary to include pet-friendly activities and attractions that both you and your pet can enjoy.
  3. Research pet-friendly transportation options, such as airlines or car rentals, and familiarize yourself with their policies.
  4. Pack essential items for your pet, including food, water, medications, bedding, toys, and any necessary grooming supplies.
  5. Schedule breaks during your travel to give your pet a chance to stretch, exercise, and relieve themselves.
  6. Prepare necessary documentation, such as health certificates, vaccination records, and any required permits or licenses.
  7. Consider using a pet-sitting service or kennel if you have business meetings or activities where pets are not allowed.
  8. Keep your pet’s routine as consistent as possible, including feeding and exercise schedules, to minimize stress.
  9. Be mindful of your pet’s behavior and comfort level during travel, and make adjustments as needed.
  10. Take the time to research and familiarize yourself with the local veterinary clinics or emergency pet care options at your destination.

New England Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations:

  1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Offers pet-friendly beaches, hiking trails, and pet-friendly accommodations.
  2. Burlington, Vermont: Known for its pet-friendly outdoor spaces, including parks and trails, as well as pet-friendly breweries and restaurants.
  3. Portland, Maine: Provides pet-friendly parks, scenic walking areas, and pet-friendly accommodations and dining options.
  4. Newport, Rhode Island: Features pet-friendly waterfront areas, outdoor dining options, and pet-friendly attractions like the Cliff Walk.
  5. Green Mountains, Vermont: Offers pet-friendly hiking trails, scenic drives, and pet-friendly lodging options.
  6. Acadia National Park, Maine: Provides pet-friendly trails and outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping.
  7. Stowe, Vermont: Known for its pet-friendly hiking trails, outdoor adventures, and pet-friendly hotels and inns.
  8. Nantucket, Massachusetts: Offers pet-friendly beaches, outdoor dining options, and pet-friendly accommodations.
  9. Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Features pet-friendly parks, outdoor markets, and pet-friendly dining options.
  10. Mystic, Connecticut: Provides pet-friendly waterfront areas, scenic walks, and pet-friendly accommodations.

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